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Yuuka E, Tokyo

Lessons with Hisano unlocked the key to my communication in English, which allowed me to attend and graduate from a four-year college and become a manager in a company in California.


Hisano is without a doubt one of the most influential people in my life. She was a life coach for many years and taught me English as well in my teenage years. At the time, I was in California as a language student. Even though English was a requirement in my middle and high school, I was struggling a lot trying to understand what native speakers were saying. I could not even hear the distinction from a word to another. Pronunciation was drastically different from what my Japanese teachers taught me. Hisano, then, offered a helping hand. She took time with me to show exactly how each alphabet sounded. This is a unique challenge for Japanese speakers when learning English. In Japanese, we only have about 500 distinct sounds. But in English, there are thousands of separate, unique sounds. This means there are nuances that Japanese speakers aren't even aware of. Hisano had the ability to not only show me how to make each sound but also able to explain how similar sounds differ from each other. I remember her repeating the sound "a" and "o." In Japanese, they are both pronounced the same. But in English, they are very different. Being able to recognize this difference was one of my first steps to understanding native English speakers. In fact, lessons with Hisano unlocked the key to my communication in English. This, later on, allowed me to attend and graduate from a four-year college and being a manager at a factory in California.

     I now live in Canada as a mother of two with a loving husband. I live a comfortable and fulfilling life and often consider myself a success, which I measure by my happy feelings I get to experience on a daily basis. I don't, however, attribute my success only to myself. I know that my achievement in life came from the choices I made at a dividing point when I was a teenager. This is also where Hisano came in as my life coach. This role she took was much bigger than being an English teacher. I think she was originally hired by my mom to watch over me while I stayed overseas by myself. Hisano, though, quickly became someone irreplaceable. The idea of hiring a life coach for a teenage girl might not be a common practice. But this was a lifesaver for my relationship with my mother. At the time, I was in a long struggle with rebelling her. I knew deep down that she was probably the most important figure in my life, but I didn't know how to stop myself from being reproachable. Talking things through with Hisano gained a perspective as if I became someone outside of my family. This eventually allowed me to look at my relationship with my mom, and who she was, with clarity. With weekly coaching and Hisano's support, my mom and I became closer and closer, until one night, we were holding each other's arms in front of our fish tank. (Hug was not in our custom, so this was more physical than we were used to.) Since then, I never rebelled because it became clear to me how significant my mom really was to me. And with this solid foundation of my family's support for me and my conviction that they would always be there for me, I was able to jump into a completely new life in the US, and eventually, Canada. I shudder to imagine what my life would have been like if it weren't for Hisano. (I think I would have been stuck in Japan, possibly living with my dad in his house, unable to achieve independence.) My mom has sadly passed away since. But I have precious memories with her thanks to Hisano.

     Hisano is a wonderful person to talk to! She is full of bright energy, so even if you are having a down day and not wanting to learn anything new, you will still gain sunshine-like power from her. I do every time! Learning a new language is also learning about the new culture. Hisano is equipped to teach both, especially how  Americans tend to think and act with confidence. As you learn English from Hisano, you will gain an effective tool to communicate and act in the international world. May her teaching broaden the horizon of more Japanese people...!

Atsuko S, residing in Canada

・元より自信があった発音が思っていた以上に間違っていた/難しかった ・より発音に注意した英語の使い方をするようになった ・翻訳機を使わない自力翻訳が少しずつ可能になってきた ・同じ意味あいを持つ違った言い方が予想より多くあることに驚いた ・「学校の授業では分からない」で終わっていた文法(SVC等)が少しずつ頭で理解出来てきている ・頭でしっかり理解出来ていることへの満足感からか、モチベーションが下がらなくなってきた ・より鮮明なリスニングが出来るようになった ・日本語の文章を英文に当てはめて考えてみる事が増えた ・英語の新聞を読み出した ・全文の理解は出来なくとも、同じ単語を拾って覚えることは出来るようになった

Reishi K, Kanagawa


私が受けたレッスンは、基本的にはスカイプを使った1時間(ほとんどいつも時間をオーバーして教えてくださいますが)のレッスンを週2回やっています。昨年5月から始めて110回 を超えました。初めは発音をやりました。何回やってもうまくできないものもありましたが、そんな時は出来るまで繰り返し教えて下さいます。一通りの発音練習が終わってからの内容は身近な出来事についての話、教科書を使って読みと意味の理解、作文です。言い方の分からないもの、単語の意味や使い方の説明、より英語らしい表現などを知る事が出来ます。何回でも分かるまでいろいろな表現方法で教えて下さいます。レッスンで学習した単語や語句は次のレッスンの作文に使うようにしています。レッスンの時間内で聞いただけではなかなか頭に入らないので、こうすることによって少しは自分のものになると期待してします。最後に成果と課題についてです。成果の主なものは英語に慣れてきた、語彙が増えた、日本語との違いを感じ始めたことです。さらにレッスンの身近な出来事につ いての会話では、間違っても平気で話せるようになりました。次は何を話題にしようかと考えていると楽しくなります。課題は沢山ありますが、まずは聞く力をつけることです。ひさのさんが英語で言う事をもっともっと理解出来るようになりたいです。私が英語を楽しく続けられるのはひさのさんのお人柄だと感謝しています。いつも明るく前向きなので私も真似しようと思うのです。ほぼ同い年の方がコスタリカでこのようにたくましく生きていらっしゃる…..ひさのさんに出会えて、英語はもちろん生き方についても考えさせられます。

Tomoko H, Saitama